Writing Wednesday

Wattpad.com Is a place to self publish, and show case your stories without having to put a coin in the meter, or have to figure out silly HTML codes.

which for me works ‘cos im a total dumb dumb with the fancy side of interwebbering. I currently have one story posted there feel free to check it out

Out of the ashes Two days before Christmas and Mark finds him self at the nasty end of a gun, a vengeful brother, and his dead wife.

A lot of my Friends have already read this so I will beg and plead my brain to come up with something new soon.

Do you already use wattpad? or do you have another way other than blogging of getting your work out there?


It is a Monday

Today is Monday, I did the mundane and very sensible thing of going to work. I did the stupid thing of leaving my phone at home (I should have stayed with it). With out the constant stream of crap at my finger tips all day I could think of nothing, zipp, nadda on my own or for myself. This is a Monday, and tomorrow can only be worse it brings a thirteen hour shift.

On a happier note i did download the wordpress app for my phone so if i learn to think for my self I can post on the move, and write more crap that no one will read but me yay!

Oh poo wheres my phone, It is also my alarm clock……

Set up complete……

So I have now sucessfully navigated my way around wordpress. I have previously used Blogspot but as the first lady of the house it is my will to change things up all the time. In other words I get bored very easily because well im just to smart to have things hold my attention for to long. (Thats my excuse and I am bloody well sticking to it)

Please take a look at the about page, I do believe I am the most funniest chick in the galaxy and I did not have to work hard at all to come up with something that says all you need to know without using bullet points, and  the word and every other anding word. (Im far to smart for that of course)

Hopefully you will now have a good idea of whats about to come……….


The First Time

Miaaow, Miaw, purr, miaaaow: No seriosly this Page has nothing to do with cats (Not unless I buy a cat that is) either way it has less to do with Cats and more to do with domestication, or two first time buyers. Although Only I will be writing a posting, I may become confused and used “We” intermittently ‘cos that’s just how I roll.