About The Domesticated Cats

At some point between April 1986 and the present day I became a grown up. The percise time of this is unclear, but when you are sitting with a Mortgage dude, smilling, nodding and actually understanding APR%, and the difference between fixed rates and variables you realise that you are to far gone ever go back to your Projectile Vomiting jagerbombs accross a work place youth. (At the very least by adulthood you should have masterd the art of Multitasking: holding it down and running to the nearest bathroom)

As the Calamatity Jane watching, truffle making rock star that I am, I get to be the leading lady of my very own blockbuster movie. Its had many working tittles in blogs before, but this years smash Is the The domesticated Cats staring (drum roll please) Serena Stephen tah-da. Well that had all the epic anticlimax of trying to pull diamonds out your own ears to find you are indeed human and have nothing more than sticky icky stuff in there.

The leading Gent in the Masterpiece is Stuart Adams, and as much as he is awesome, in this role he simply provides the need to plurilise the title. He wont be posting, but will feature regulary. I may also switch unanounced, and non grammatically correctly between I and We, simply ‘cos I can.

The synopsis is simple, we are buying our first property and with the invention of such mediums as the internet I get to share all the yawn’arific details with you guys.


what youth looks like


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