Okay okay, Im here now

Okay so I totally suck cholcolate salty balls at keeping up with my plan for this blog.

Part of that is the pain in ass that has been getting the keys for this flat that we have bought. yeah yeah i can see roll your eyes thinking excuses, excuses. Its the truth, But yes i do also suck.

anyway we do now have keys and will be moving this Sunday yay!! we will prolly be with out the interwebby for a little while however (noooo!) But when we are up and running again, I can get back to the original plan for this page.

In the mean time why not think about doing the A-Z blog challenge. I may give it a miss this year or start late I haven’t decide what with the move and no internet make its a bit hard.

Erm any way heres a link to all the details:


happy blogging people.


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