Writing Wednesday

Writing prompt from http://www.seventhsanctum.com creates random prompts.

The story takes place 1000 years into the future, a character writes a diary.

The speling and grammer is meant to be rubbish in this, the diary writter is a teen in the future what with lowering standards in the education system i though ppl would get like totes like this….. oh yeah adn siri the iphone AI is now god, and we are of course apes who are all grown in tubes….

January 25th 3013
ipad log #25
The first of the frozen monkeys are getting thawed out today. The news bubble flew past the class room to notify Mrs Flabby gums that her great great great great great or whatever Granny was part of the original experiment like a million years ago.
It’s so stupid; these frozen fossils are gunna be like ancient but still look like whatever age they were when they were frozen. I don’t get how they’ve been left for so long, I mean we perfected the cryo years ago. Hell when I broke my ankle last term they were able to put me in cry all summer so that I didn’t have to feel any pain throughout the healing process.
Dunno if I agree with it though I missed Clara’s party and I hear that she ended up doing some really nasty stuff in the air tank with Kumar and well that’s why no one talked to her cos like Kumar everyone knew was doing it with Krystal like proper like not the disgusting way they did when our great grannys where about. Eeeew Mrs saggy boobies ancient prolly did it that way.

January 27th 3013
Ipad log #27
For buggery’s sake now she’s bringing her in so that the history teacher can use her as a teaching tool about the dawn of the digital age or some shite like that. Like any one actually cares I mean this woman was around when steve jobs created everything and that but I mean we are soooo more better than that now. Aint we?
January 29th 3013
Ipad log #28
So turns out kumars been taken outa school to cos apparently Clara is having his baby. Eeew she’s gunna have something growing inside her, I mean WTF she IM’d me yesterday to say she’s actually really happy about it should doesn’t know why but she thinks that this is what her body was mean to do. I thinks she’s totally flipped the docs obv given her some funny meds or sum@. Don’t she get that she could die and shit and that no one does it that way anymore. Were all test tube growths now.
Oh yeah that frozen monkey lady is taking our history class tomorrow. Yawn, think I’ll hook up my holographic memory chip and watch preditor in 4D instead. Gutter be better than whatever she has to say.
January 30th 3013
Ipod log #29
I got caught with my chip by Mr Flannigan, hes normally cool but even he was excited by this ice woman thing. The whole school was sent to the main mess hall to listen to this birds speech.
It was totally rubbish at first of course she had all her old belongings put in to storage and she was showing us stuff that she had kept like a towel I know we have tech to dry us off now but the poor kids still bring one for after sports. We know what a towel is.
One cool thing she came out with tho, she was showing us something called cd’s round discs that were shiny on one side. They actually looked like some@ out of a sy-fi rerun. She put it in this box thing and the most amazing thing happened. Music she called it, Siri her self would have been stuck to her motherboard.
I don’t get it she called it a led zeppelin, but then she called it deep purple….


What do you think the future generation will be like?


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