Video Killed the Radio Star

Image taken from google image search


We’ve had the stone age, and the ice age (1,2 and 3) the iron age, and we are currently in the digital age. A time where every tiny thing is accessible at the click of a button and a scroll down. There are positives to this of course, but are we moving toward progress for progress sake?

What happened to getting your pocket-money and going to buy that must have new tune that at the top of the charts. In My day  it was a right of passage, the first record/cassette/CD that you ever bought with your own cash for doing what the rain does anyway and wash your parents car, doing the dishes every night for a week, a paper round or other incredibbly crappy job that made you money.

Nothing can beat that beautiful moment when you walk into a music shop with your slavery sweaty fiver, and you look around at all the possibilities wrapped up in little plastic cases.

The hopes and dreams of others that speak to you from the little boxes tucked away in the corners, the saturday kids who will giggle at your purchase of the spice girls, or Britney, or heaven forbid Five, and the backstreet boys because of course they have moved on to Nirvana, Eminem, or discovering that their parents music is still cool.

taken from an advertisment image from 3 store

Then you take your shiny plastic home and lift up the lid on your player, you press play. Then all off a sudden you are Madonna, Kate Bush, or Christina giving a top class performance to the posters that you took out off the magazine that last weeks hard work paid for into your hair brush. You will take a rest and pull out the inlay card to learn the words to the album tracks, and looking at the promo pictures, reading the thank you’s.

I blame Apple, as much as I love iPhone’s nothing beats having a cd case in your hand. It makes me worry, about the future of the book.

what do you think? is downloadable music taking away from fond childhood memories that have become an adult need? will the kindle kill off the book?



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