Mundane monday Update

Due to work commitments I’ve been unable to update for a few days. Well we are finally moving forward again with the flat buying, finally all this waiting is a right pain in the bottom. We have now received our home owners pack, and other than a few minor details that the seller needs to sort out everything seems as we expected.

I have been feeling a little stressed and depressed recently. Which now your thinking “What the hell?” well i have thought it my self, I have so much to look forward to, and the changes in my life over the last few years have been amazing. I’m putting it down to PMT, and the fact that so much is going on, and everything is in the air and there’s so much juggling to manage. I am wanting to get in to the new routine, and empty all my things out of box’s and bags. It’s the waiting I think, waiting for the next chapter to start but it hasn’t been written yet.

I’ve also put in for a transfer at work, I was moved to a different shop that resulted in me taking two buses. In compromise i was given better hours which is great, but when your leaving in the morning at 7.15am, and not getting home till 11pm some nights it becomes a little too much. particularly when there are shops so much closer to the new flat.



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