Writing wednesday

Prompt: sit for five minutes and write a letter to your older self…

Dear you old cow,

So you’re wrinkly now, and your boobs are bouncing of your arthritic knees (gross) I hope that you haven’t turned out like your mother. Have you? Ill slap you silly Girl if you have.

Remember that you wanted to be the coolest ancient in the home. I hope that you are sticking to that, and that you are growing old as disgracefully as possible.

In the unlikely event that you have turned into a grumpy old fart here is what you need to do, you’re going to die soon no doubt, and you don’t want to have any regrets.

Digs out that list of things that you always wanted to do and do all the things that you never crossed off. Oh no moneys an issue, who cares you’re going to be dead soon it’s not your worry no is it, the bank if they still exist can hardly chase you down under can they?

Ride that roller coaster till your teeth fall out sweetness you aren’t coming back, there are no do overs, if you are still making silly excuses don’t, stop that at once you fool, you can do anything that you want.  Also the fact that you are old means you can soooo get away with much more.

I hope that you are still me…..


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