How To Thursday

How do, its how to….

Buy A house

This is the biggy is it not. We all want that space that is all our own but we didn’t have double how to buy a house in ten years when your old enough after double geography now did we?

I think this will be a common theme over the next few weeks as My self and Stuart are in the process our selves. well Just to split hairs we are buying a flat not a house but the same rules apply.

There is a lot of thinking to be done when buying, so get procrastinating on these bad boys:

  • Where do you see your self in say five years time? Go on day-dream it out be as wild as you can at this point its a dream. If its living it up in Ibiza, teaching in Dubai, drying out biltong in South Africa, or perhaps even the possibility of being at her majesty’s pleasure (if that’s your dream who am I to judge but get away from me you weirdo) buying is not for you. unless it is in these places of course.
  •  Are you being realistic? Once you have the dream you now have to get real, yep land back to earth with a sore bottom (if that’s what you’re into). Yes we all want that fandabbydosy pad that’s been featured on cribs, with its tv’s in the bathroom, and comes with its own arse licker under the fixtures and fittings but do a review of your finances.  Your in’s and out’s, no not your belly buttons, wages v. expenditures (cue rocky theme tune here)
  • Have you planned a meeting at the death star bank? you’ve done your own calculations and found that everything could be okish but you need to find out if you can even get a mortgage. so here is my advise on this: go and see your bank or the free advisor at an estate agent. for the sole purpose of finding out if the powers at be will give you a mortgage. This is handy one to know before you fully decide if you are going to buy over renting. At this point you are not paying out any money, you are not obligated, but you will however have an idea of any limitations you have, and or how to fix these limitations in the forseeable future. 

Which? are a great sourse of information on a wide range of topics why not check out this page for their top tips.


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