Okay okay, Im here now

Okay so I totally suck cholcolate salty balls at keeping up with my plan for this blog.

Part of that is the pain in ass that has been getting the keys for this flat that we have bought. yeah yeah i can see roll your eyes thinking excuses, excuses. Its the truth, But yes i do also suck.

anyway we do now have keys and will be moving this Sunday yay!! we will prolly be with out the interwebby for a little while however (noooo!) But when we are up and running again, I can get back to the original plan for this page.

In the mean time why not think about doing the A-Z blog challenge. I may give it a miss this year or start late I haven’t decide what with the move and no internet make its a bit hard.

Erm any way heres a link to all the details:


happy blogging people.

Writing Wednesday

Writing prompt from http://www.seventhsanctum.com creates random prompts.

The story takes place 1000 years into the future, a character writes a diary.

The speling and grammer is meant to be rubbish in this, the diary writter is a teen in the future what with lowering standards in the education system i though ppl would get like totes like this….. oh yeah adn siri the iphone AI is now god, and we are of course apes who are all grown in tubes….

January 25th 3013
ipad log #25
The first of the frozen monkeys are getting thawed out today. The news bubble flew past the class room to notify Mrs Flabby gums that her great great great great great or whatever Granny was part of the original experiment like a million years ago.
It’s so stupid; these frozen fossils are gunna be like ancient but still look like whatever age they were when they were frozen. I don’t get how they’ve been left for so long, I mean we perfected the cryo years ago. Hell when I broke my ankle last term they were able to put me in cry all summer so that I didn’t have to feel any pain throughout the healing process.
Dunno if I agree with it though I missed Clara’s party and I hear that she ended up doing some really nasty stuff in the air tank with Kumar and well that’s why no one talked to her cos like Kumar everyone knew was doing it with Krystal like proper like not the disgusting way they did when our great grannys where about. Eeeew Mrs saggy boobies ancient prolly did it that way.

January 27th 3013
Ipad log #27
For buggery’s sake now she’s bringing her in so that the history teacher can use her as a teaching tool about the dawn of the digital age or some shite like that. Like any one actually cares I mean this woman was around when steve jobs created everything and that but I mean we are soooo more better than that now. Aint we?
January 29th 3013
Ipad log #28
So turns out kumars been taken outa school to cos apparently Clara is having his baby. Eeew she’s gunna have something growing inside her, I mean WTF she IM’d me yesterday to say she’s actually really happy about it should doesn’t know why but she thinks that this is what her body was mean to do. I thinks she’s totally flipped the docs obv given her some funny meds or sum@. Don’t she get that she could die and shit and that no one does it that way anymore. Were all test tube growths now.
Oh yeah that frozen monkey lady is taking our history class tomorrow. Yawn, think I’ll hook up my holographic memory chip and watch preditor in 4D instead. Gutter be better than whatever she has to say.
January 30th 3013
Ipod log #29
I got caught with my chip by Mr Flannigan, hes normally cool but even he was excited by this ice woman thing. The whole school was sent to the main mess hall to listen to this birds speech.
It was totally rubbish at first of course she had all her old belongings put in to storage and she was showing us stuff that she had kept like a towel I know we have tech to dry us off now but the poor kids still bring one for after sports. We know what a towel is.
One cool thing she came out with tho, she was showing us something called cd’s round discs that were shiny on one side. They actually looked like some@ out of a sy-fi rerun. She put it in this box thing and the most amazing thing happened. Music she called it, Siri her self would have been stuck to her motherboard.
I don’t get it she called it a led zeppelin, but then she called it deep purple….


What do you think the future generation will be like?

Video Killed the Radio Star

Image taken from google image search


We’ve had the stone age, and the ice age (1,2 and 3) the iron age, and we are currently in the digital age. A time where every tiny thing is accessible at the click of a button and a scroll down. There are positives to this of course, but are we moving toward progress for progress sake?

What happened to getting your pocket-money and going to buy that must have new tune that at the top of the charts. In My day  it was a right of passage, the first record/cassette/CD that you ever bought with your own cash for doing what the rain does anyway and wash your parents car, doing the dishes every night for a week, a paper round or other incredibbly crappy job that made you money.

Nothing can beat that beautiful moment when you walk into a music shop with your slavery sweaty fiver, and you look around at all the possibilities wrapped up in little plastic cases.

The hopes and dreams of others that speak to you from the little boxes tucked away in the corners, the saturday kids who will giggle at your purchase of the spice girls, or Britney, or heaven forbid Five, and the backstreet boys because of course they have moved on to Nirvana, Eminem, or discovering that their parents music is still cool.

taken from an advertisment image from 3 store

Then you take your shiny plastic home and lift up the lid on your player, you press play. Then all off a sudden you are Madonna, Kate Bush, or Christina giving a top class performance to the posters that you took out off the magazine that last weeks hard work paid for into your hair brush. You will take a rest and pull out the inlay card to learn the words to the album tracks, and looking at the promo pictures, reading the thank you’s.

I blame Apple, as much as I love iPhone’s nothing beats having a cd case in your hand. It makes me worry, about the future of the book.

what do you think? is downloadable music taking away from fond childhood memories that have become an adult need? will the kindle kill off the book?


Mundane monday Update

Due to work commitments I’ve been unable to update for a few days. Well we are finally moving forward again with the flat buying, finally all this waiting is a right pain in the bottom. We have now received our home owners pack, and other than a few minor details that the seller needs to sort out everything seems as we expected.

I have been feeling a little stressed and depressed recently. Which now your thinking “What the hell?” well i have thought it my self, I have so much to look forward to, and the changes in my life over the last few years have been amazing. I’m putting it down to PMT, and the fact that so much is going on, and everything is in the air and there’s so much juggling to manage. I am wanting to get in to the new routine, and empty all my things out of box’s and bags. It’s the waiting I think, waiting for the next chapter to start but it hasn’t been written yet.

I’ve also put in for a transfer at work, I was moved to a different shop that resulted in me taking two buses. In compromise i was given better hours which is great, but when your leaving in the morning at 7.15am, and not getting home till 11pm some nights it becomes a little too much. particularly when there are shops so much closer to the new flat.



As this is a new blog I have not yet really thought about the look. I know, I know that the look is meant to be everything, but the content is more important.

So im going to ask you my readers. (Now my stats say that no one is reading but my twitter following has increased a far bit in the week that this blog has been up so ill with you are reading. )

Any way I want to decide what it looks like, over the weekend I plan to do some bloggy magic and get it looking pretty what are your idea’s? What are your favourite themes? colours? lay outs? want to see something on here that isn’t already?

just let me know, get creative….

I love comments so don’t be shy

How to Thursday…

To buy a house Part 2

So you’ve been to the powers that be and given you a thumbs up they will have told you a figure as to how much a bank/building society will be willing to lend you and what kind of deposit that they will expect from you. Get your save on boys and Girls.

Now I did get confused about this part so I’ll spell it out for you guys:

The total that you borrow from the bank, is not the amount that you borrow for the house. That would be a house with 0% deposit and no one does that any more.

The majority are looking for at least 15% deposit, so say you are buying a house at 75k you will be actually borrowing the balance after you have paid your deposit.

75k/15×100=11250 This is your deposit £11250

75k-11250=63750 This is the amount that you borrow £63750

Of course I can’t tell you how much that you will actually pay pcm that’s up to your lender and what the interest rates are like.

  • Now that you have a ball park figure and know what you are looking for there is a few things that you now need to consider:
  • Your deposit: do you have it? Can you save it? how long will that take? I promise you that you wont get a mortgage with out one
  • How much will your mortgage advisor cost/take on commission? We decided to employ an independent mortgage advisor they are usual whole of market and are not attached with a single estate agent. We felt this best as this person would find us the best deals and not have any bias ideas.
  • Legal fee’s These can vary and can be costly be prepared for this bill.
  • Hidden costs: You may be paying for your survey, your banks evaluation of the property, and if you have credit cards and loans: some lenders will ask you to have them paid in full before you sign on the dotted lines.


assuming that you have all the above sorted and you are calm, cool and under control get searching here are a few of the best

www.rightmove.co.uk – rightmove although they are an estate agent they also deal with and advertise for nearly the whole market out there and every where in the uk. We found the place that we are buying but the estate agent that were advertising was;

Cardwells.co.uk -I believe are more local to the greater Manchester area.

zoopla.co.uk– like rightmove they are whole of market. I also believe that they hold information on how much the property was bought for in the past, and its various uses for example if the house has ever been in commercial use.

Happy Hunting if you are on the market

Writing wednesday

Prompt: sit for five minutes and write a letter to your older self…

Dear you old cow,

So you’re wrinkly now, and your boobs are bouncing of your arthritic knees (gross) I hope that you haven’t turned out like your mother. Have you? Ill slap you silly Girl if you have.

Remember that you wanted to be the coolest ancient in the home. I hope that you are sticking to that, and that you are growing old as disgracefully as possible.

In the unlikely event that you have turned into a grumpy old fart here is what you need to do, you’re going to die soon no doubt, and you don’t want to have any regrets.

Digs out that list of things that you always wanted to do and do all the things that you never crossed off. Oh no moneys an issue, who cares you’re going to be dead soon it’s not your worry no is it, the bank if they still exist can hardly chase you down under can they?

Ride that roller coaster till your teeth fall out sweetness you aren’t coming back, there are no do overs, if you are still making silly excuses don’t, stop that at once you fool, you can do anything that you want.  Also the fact that you are old means you can soooo get away with much more.

I hope that you are still me…..

How To Thursday

How do, its how to….

Buy A house

This is the biggy is it not. We all want that space that is all our own but we didn’t have double how to buy a house in ten years when your old enough after double geography now did we?

I think this will be a common theme over the next few weeks as My self and Stuart are in the process our selves. well Just to split hairs we are buying a flat not a house but the same rules apply.

There is a lot of thinking to be done when buying, so get procrastinating on these bad boys:

  • Where do you see your self in say five years time? Go on day-dream it out be as wild as you can at this point its a dream. If its living it up in Ibiza, teaching in Dubai, drying out biltong in South Africa, or perhaps even the possibility of being at her majesty’s pleasure (if that’s your dream who am I to judge but get away from me you weirdo) buying is not for you. unless it is in these places of course.
  •  Are you being realistic? Once you have the dream you now have to get real, yep land back to earth with a sore bottom (if that’s what you’re into). Yes we all want that fandabbydosy pad that’s been featured on cribs, with its tv’s in the bathroom, and comes with its own arse licker under the fixtures and fittings but do a review of your finances.  Your in’s and out’s, no not your belly buttons, wages v. expenditures (cue rocky theme tune here)
  • Have you planned a meeting at the death star bank? you’ve done your own calculations and found that everything could be okish but you need to find out if you can even get a mortgage. so here is my advise on this: go and see your bank or the free advisor at an estate agent. for the sole purpose of finding out if the powers at be will give you a mortgage. This is handy one to know before you fully decide if you are going to buy over renting. At this point you are not paying out any money, you are not obligated, but you will however have an idea of any limitations you have, and or how to fix these limitations in the forseeable future. 

Which? are a great sourse of information on a wide range of topics why not check out this page for their top tips.